Inservices and Training

Sleuthing Your Student’s Comprehension

Determining comprehension skills for students who have multiple disabilities can be challenging. This workshop explores different ways of understanding of what the student understands.

  • Sleuthing Your Student's Comprehension - Inservice Outline
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  • Switch 101

    A variety of switches, including simple voice output devices and the AbleNet Powerlink, are explored in this hands-on workshop to expand your understanding of how they can help increase your student’s participation in the classroom, school, playground, home and community.

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  • Strategies for Enhancing Non-verbal Communication

    Communication strategies such as choice making, developing a Personal Dictionary, and a review of a hierarchy of augmentative and alternative communication skills can be discussed, using videos, demonstration and experiential formats.

  • Enhancing Non-Verbal Communication - Inservice Outline
  • Enhancing Non-Verbal Communication - Powerpoint Presentation
  • Inclusion Outreach - Introduction and Program Philosophy

    This workshop will introduce Inclusion Outreach, a Ministry of Education Provincial Outreach Program. It will cover our mandate and the services we provide as well as the philosophy that guides our practice.

  • IO Introduction and Program Philosophy - Powerpoint Presentation
  • Measuring and Reporting Progress

    This workshop addresses methods of measuring and reporting progress to help teachers make data-based educational programming decisions for their students and to be accountable to the student’s IEP.

  • Measuring and Reporting Progress - Inservice Outline
  • Measuring and Reporting Progress - Handouts
  • Measuring and Reporting Progress - Data Sheets
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  • Activities for the Classroom

    This workshop focuses on how therapeutic interventions and objectives can be woven into the student’s program in a series of functional routines. The workshop also addresses how these routines can be used to enhance the student’s quality of life at school, home and in the community.

  • Activities for the Classroom - Facilitator's Notes
  • Activities for the Classroom - Inservice Outline
  • Activities for the Classroom - Handout
  • Writing Meaningful IEPs

    This workshop is designed to help teachers write SMART long term goals and short term objectives that reflect students' active participation.

  • Writing Meaningful IEPs - Inservice Outline
  • Writing Meaningful IEPs - Facilitator's Notes
  • Writing Meaningful IEPs - Powerpoint Presentation
  • Writing Meaningful IEPs Workshop Activities