Student Websites - E-Mentoring

Student Website sample

Inclusion Outreach develops password protected, secure student specific websites for the students we support at the time they are accepted. Student websites are developed in collaboration with Open School BC (OSBC), Services and Technology Division, BC Ministry of Education. Each of our student-specific, password protected websites is essentially a course about that student and information is stored on secure Canadian servers located at the Ministry.  OSBC has undergone a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to ensure it conforms to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of BC. 

These websites are an electronic repository that provides easy access to up-to-date, student-specific information for those professionals who have permission to work with our students. For students already supported by Inclusion Outreach, the website will eventually replace the student’s binder.


Link to student website login page: 

If you have forgotten or wish to change your password: 

Parental consent for the website is required to be renewed each school year Parental Consent for Website for 2017 2018