Active Participation

The following kits have been developed to illustrate the concept of practicing skills within functional and fun jobs and clubs. They include Sample skills, conversational comments, photos, video, and more.

  • Active Participation Powerpoint Presentation

  • Academic Participation

    Students can participate in typical academic classroom subjects while working on their own skills within modified activities. Their skills may include working on choice making, using a switch for voice output or access, mobility, vision, or hand function.

    The following are some ideas for assistants and teachers to assist in creating parallel activities for your students.

    Social Participation

    Routine jobs can often be found within classrooms, the school, community and home and can offer our students wonderful opportunities to contribute to others, while also providing functional ways to practice their skills.

    School clubs can offer all students opportunities to learn something new, while drawing in peers to interact with special needs students, strengthening social skills.


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